About Us

Sevenoaks Catering had its beginnings as Sevenoaks Cafe, a humble eatery in Perth established in 2014.  

At Sevenoaks Catering, we believe that catering is more than just delivering food for the occasion. We seek to deliver a bespoke catering experience, with high level service and quality eats - right from the heart of our kitchen. Delivered in beautifully-presented recyclable trays, many of the items we serve are fingerfood-sized, great for formal and relaxed functions alike.

We know your time is precious! So we've streamlined our ordering process to reduce hassle. Ordering with Sevenoaks Catering, you can definitely expect:

1) Excellent quality food
2) An easy ordering process
3) Reliable and impeccable Service 

The team at Sevenoaks Catering is led by Cindy and Joe, and we enjoy serving fresh, delicious and hearty food that we ourselves love to eat!

With a background in marketing, Cindy believes in providing her customers with a personalised service and love seeing the satisfaction on their faces after a full feed. Whilst Joe's accounting skills and experience are well-utilised in balancing the numbers, he also enjoys being surrounded by the aroma of good food and meeting customers during delivery runs every now and again. 

Feel free to browse our extensive catering menu online and place an order for your next function today! 

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